Google Optimization Project – Part 2 – The Video

by Jason Sanders on November 19, 2009 · 0 comments

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Google Optimization 2

As you may have read in the first post of this series, TVPG Labs can help your businesses be found by potential customers who are looking for the solutions that your business provides. After my initial meeting with Al, the owner of The Clip Joint in Merchantville NJ, we agreed to meet up the following Tuesday for me to shoot a video highlighting his business. I’d love to read your thoughts on the video – Leave me a comment!

The right video is a great foundation for an internet marketing strategy. A video can convey a lot of intangibles to a potential customer that you could never communicate through words alone. This medium will allow you to give your clients a feel for your personality and the character, or ambiance of your business. It’s impossible to appeal to every single individual, but by being yourself, and not holding back, you can appeal strongly to a key group of people who can relate to who you are, what you like, your sense of humor and your values. If you create a strong enough impression, you’ll pull in new customers – guaranteed.

If you like the video that we produced for The Clip Joint, and are interested in making a video to promote your business, TVPG Labs can help. We can arrange to shoot at your location, or if distance is a factor, we can take on a consulting and or editing role to get you a video that showcases your business and provides appeal while generating interest from your potential customers for a reasonable fee.

If you would like to talk in detail about what TVPG Labs can do to help you grow your business, contact us.


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