South Jersey Businesses

by Jason Sanders on January 15, 2010

Rich Bradley

Printing and Promotional Items

My Background: Journalism, Public Relations, Product Development, Marketing, Promotions.
I Look Up To: My friends and family. They are the people who know me and support me.
My Average Client: Smaller business, approximately 25-40 people. Generally, we deal with an owner or a Marketing Director who is trying to do too many things at one time. We’re able to help them by using our experience and products to help them brand themselves better, control inventory, and offer various solutions to their problems.
My Ideal Client: Has the authority to make marketing decisions. It would be someone who may not be satisfied with status quo, and is open and receptive to new ideas. It might be someone who is looking for a marketing partner, who can take a printed project or promotion from conception through to completion.

Peter Hackett

Real Estate Investor

My Background: Military-USAF, Production, Distribution, Telecommunications, Real Estate
I Look Up To: My Parents, Robert Kiyosaki
My Average Client: Distressed Homeowners Looking For Solutions or New to Seasoned Real Estate Investors Looking For Profitable Flip or Rental Properties
My Ideal Client: Needs A Higher Return On Investment for 2010, Understand The Benefits Of Real Estate

Charles Hopson

Real Estate Investor

My Background: Auditing – Sr. Auditor with Arthur Andersen & Co.; Controller – Controller with Phila. Life Insurance Company PLICO; Financial Reporting – VP Financial Reporting PLICO; Strategic Planning – VP Strategic Planning PLICO; Controller – Colonial Penn Group; CFO & Treasurer – Travelers Insurance of New Jersey; President – Creative Cash Flow Solutions; Real Estate Investing; Discount Note Buying; Licensed Realtor – Resale & Investment Realty; M2 Master Consultant with Carbon Copy Pro and Wealth Masters International
I Look Up To: Ronald Reagan, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jackie Robinson, and Bill Gates
My Average Client: Is 23-65 years old, Works from Home, An Entrepreneur, Tech Savvy
My Ideal Client: Serious Entrepreneur, Interested in Learning Internet Marketing, Working from Home, Interested in Wealth Creation, Interested in Financial Education, Interested in Financial Freedom, Unsatisfied with 401 K Performance, Interested in Taking control of Financial Future

Brian Stoneback

Entrepreneur and Fundraiser

My Background: Entrepreneur ,Business Builder, Fundraiser
I Look Up To: Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Kody Bateman, Jordan Adler
My Average Client: Is 18-55 years old. Interested in making extra money. Likes to send greeting cards and gifts for all occasions.
My Ideal Client: Interested in a home based business, hard working, trainable, interested in becoming wealthy, but not quickly.