Peter Hackett, Real Estate Investor, Inventor, Problem Solver

by Jason Sanders on January 12, 2010

peterhackettI make people wealthy by providing them safe real estate investment deals.

I have been wholesaling residential real estate for the past few years after acquiring my own real estate holdings.  I know  the challenges real estate investors have and I know how to overcome them, because I have had the same experiences.   In fact, one of the main challenges I have had as a real estate entrepreneur has been finding competent and trustworthy contractors who could do a project on time and on budget.  How did I overcome this one? I teamed up with a general contractor who has over 25 years experience and created my own general contracting company which can handle everything from general maintenance to building an office building from the ground up.

In this market of tight bank lending, financing can be difficult to obtain.   How did I overcome this one?  I teamed up with an investor who is the “Queen of owner financing.”  If there is a way to get a deal done, she can do it.
I have also invested heavily in education on short sales, dealing with lenders on loan modifications, subject to deals, lease options, rentals. etc. in order to solve any problem in the real estate market today.

Finding real estate deals for investors is still our bread and butter enterprise and now with a full service general contracting company, Better Choice Construction, we can leave even more profit in the deal for our buyers.

As an entrepreneur  I’m always looking for ways to increase my cash flow.  Monavie. Passive income generated by involvement in a multi billion dollar health food industry, without the headache of maintaining inventory, is a simple and smart investment.

And did I mention I’m an inventor also.  I’m currently working on a couple ideas which are needed in the market place and should be a huge success.

Feel free to contact me via my website or phone directly at 856 889 5885.   I can help you do great things.

Thank you,

Peter J. Hackett
Call me 856-889-5885

Grow your wealth

PS.  You can find me on facebook make sure you send a friend request :)

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